Advice For A Happy Marriage

Advice For A Happy Marriage

A happy and successful marriage is an important goal for anyone who is either already married or is thinking about it.

Building the family is essential for the complete establishment of our religion, as the family is the cornerstone of the social structure.

A successful and purposeful marriage is the indispensable foundation of this cornerstone.

People get married because they are in search of love, life-long companionship, someone to be their soul mate, through which they can spend the rest of their life with love and happiness.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work out that way most of the time. However, in order to live a happy married life, it is essential to accept your spouse the way they are.

Everyone is not the same. Everyone has got different beliefs, thinking patterns, opinions, and viewpoints.

So it is obvious that no two people think alike. Therefore, we can say that marriage is a merger of two separate sets of beliefs and mindsets.

Due to these unlike mindsets, a couple tends to differ in terms of the way they deal with different matters in life.

These differences create conflict in marriage, thus resulting in an unhappy marriage.

Despite these differences, is it possible to have a happy family?

How can you solve marriage problems and maintain marital harmony?

 Should you point out your spouse’s mistakes?

Luckily, there is help available; there are many things you can do to ensure that your relationship stays strong over time.

Some Tips For A Happy Marriage

1: Mutual advice

Mutual advice is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship. It plays a very big role in the development of marriage.  

Spouses should advise one another and even take account to think that this role is reserved for the husband and the wife should tolerate the mistakes of the husband.

Each should point out with affection, the mistakes of the other and each should accept their own faults.

2: True love between the couple

Marriage cannot survive without love. Although this is an issue which does not follow any rationale, each spouse should at least express love towards the other.

A couple should make love and affection towards the other and not be shy or reluctant about the other.

3: Say thank you at least once a day

You thank others for their little deeds, but you have no time to thank your partner who is always with you. To avoid misconception between your partners, try to show your appreciation at least once a day.

Say it like you mean it. If there’s something you appreciate either large or small, speak up.

4: Communication

Communication plays a big role in marriage, it is a key part of building a healthy relationship. If you cannot communicate with your spouse about certain issues you feel you have then you will get nowhere, it is best to try and talk about things instead of turning it into an argument.

Everything leads to communication.

Mary Mendel  Writes,

A good marriage takes lots of work on the part of both partners, and both need to be in agreement that they will do the necessary work“.

5: Be sincere about your love

Even if your partner isn’t aware of what you’ve done for them, remember that true sincere love expects nothing in return just be simple and sincere.

Write a letter, describe how your partner makes you feel and mention some specific qualities how you appreciate and admire about your partner.

Being honest and straightforward without any pretense, misrepresentation or deceit. Being a more sincere person can refer to how you interact with others, but ultimately sincerity must begin within yourself.

6.Communicate your desire to your spouse

Do so in non-threatening, non-judgemental ways.

For example, you could say, ”honey, let’s make some changes.We are both in a rut.We’ve changed over the years and lost some of the sparks in our marriage.

Let’s change how we treat each other. Let’s  call each other during the day at work.Let’s change how we look.Let’s walk together each evening.”

7: Start dating again

 Start dating again

Go at least once a week, it doesn’t have to be an expensive date-just something simple.

A walk around the lake, a cup of tea at a coffee shop or simply putting the kids to bed early and just talking will often do the trick.

Or, revisit the things that you did when you were dating, like going to a movie, the theater or a nice relaxing dinner for two.

8: Make a list

Determine what it is that makes you feel attracted to someone. What attracted you to your partner in the first place?What are the things that you find attractive that you would like to see in your spouse? What gets your attention?

9: Keep your word

Don’t make a promise to someone if you can’t deliver a word. Because breaking a promise can ruin the trust and relationship it based on.It is better to think wisely about it before you make such commitment than to let your partner mistrust you.

10: Laugh together

Couples who laugh together have a stronger bond and are able to overcome the stresses and conflicts in their relationship.

Laughing, giggling and guffawing with your partner will have a life-long companionship than those who don’t laugh together.

11: Share a hobby

Certainly, it occurs the innate differences between males and females.But there’s nothing wrong with husbands and wives having different likes and dislikes based on their unique personalities, talents, and experiences. 

It would be a serious mistake, however, for couples to assume that every moment of free time should be relegated to “his interest” and  “her interest,” and never the twain shall meet.

When husbands and wives get too caught up in doing their own thing, they are missing out on critical opportunities to connect with one another

Developing common interests and hobbies can decrease conflict in marriage and strengthen the idea that you and your spouse are a team.

Having common hobbies can help couples deepen their sense of having intimacy, connection, and especially friendship.

12: Honesty and openness between the partners

Successful marriage relies greatly on the honesty and openness on part of both the partners.Disagreements and other marital issues come in almost every marriage, but the couple can easily get through with these issues if they sincerely try to overcome those issues.

13: Speak up

In a healthy marriage, if something is bothering you, it best to talk about it instead of holding it on.

When partners hide information from each other the bond between them becomes weaker.

14: Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Just because you’re in a relationship, doesn’t mean you have to share everything and constantly be together.Healthy relationships require space.

15: Pray together

Do you believe that prayer has any real effect on the depth of companionship within your marriage?

In reality, whatever you actually do at present in your home is the clearest revelation of what you truly believe regarding prayer.

You may say that prayer is important to your relationship with your spouse, but if you are not doing it, then it is not important.

You need to pray together daily if possible. You may be wondering just why prayers is so important to couples. No family ever breaks up while sincerely praying together for God’s help.


You should get a better understanding of how to make a happy, lasting marriage for you and your spouse.If you can have a good communication, trust, and respect for each other you should be able to have a resolved if you really love your spouse and respect them, as well as doing them the same for you.

Marriage are earned not given, the more you put in, the better it will turn out to be.

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