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The Abs the secret revealed is a book written by Lazar Angelov. He is a fitness model and an expert certified personal trainer, helping skinny and fatty folks stay fit and unlock their true fitness potential that exist within them.

He has become an inspiration to thousands of people who are on the quest for a perfect body.

Perhaps, You might have seen him somewhere online as his picture is all over  the web. He appeared even in a commercial advertisement or different health and fitness magazine.

It’s simply because he is considered to have the most eminent six pack ABS in the world.

In this book, he revealed the secrets that he discovered through his actual real life experiences. He has also included some of the secret techniques that are used by the world class professional fitness model.

Of course, you are well acquainted that nothing compares to actually getting to the gym and working out, but the truth is, you first need some guidance or information from an expert, to begin with. 

The specific instruction must be different, based on your body structure that incorporates your gender, weight, height, and age.

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The secret revealed By Lazar Angelov Preview

What the heck is abs the secret revealed about?

Abs the secret revealed is a marvel e-book for getting six pack abs, exclusively for both men and women. It comprises of 76 pages.

The context of the book is easy to understand, coupled with videos and a picture of how to execute the exercise step by step correctly.  

It’s not just a book, but  a compilation of notions and research of many years of the author’s experience in building six pack.

What does it include?

The book has two main sections. The first section elucidates about the diet and the second section explains about the exercise.

The Diet section:

The diet plan  is divided into 5 different phases. Each phase is coupled with the appropriate exercises that are tailored according to reduce the caloric intake in each phase.

“Training the ABS is useful for the development of the musculature of the abdominal wall, but no matter how well they are defined and formed the extra subcutaneous fat will never show out is we don’t follow the necessary dietary restrictions”. Lazar Angelov

The objective of the diet section is to purge away the unnecessary fat covering the abdominal part. The author has framed out the diet plan in a detailed manner to facilitate you, the quicker result of getting six pack ABS.  

He gives a vitally significant in diet plan because  without following them the whole point of the exercise is meaningless or aimless.

Phase 1 – Focus on slimming your body, in a healthy and natural way. This section is very vital for an individual who are on the quest of getting six pack ABS

Phase 2 – Talks about low carbohydrate diet nutrition. Most of the explanation in this phase is illustrated with an example and formula, enabling the user to have a clear picture of what the author is talking about

Phase 3 – The main aim of this phase is to advance the loss of fatty tissue by alteration of three types of days –Low, Medium, and high carbohydrate day

Phase 4 – In this phase, it concentrates on food that content high proteins and fats

Phase 5 – In this chapter the author allowed you to enjoy your favorite foods on certain days.  It can be like food which contain extra calories, it can also be an alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, bread and so on…. The objective, in phase 5 is to maintain metabolism at high speed

Exercise section:

In this section, it explains about how to execute exercises, exercises that stimulate muscle hypertrophy in the abdominal region as Exercise is important to activate your ripped six pack ABS as you desire.  

The author has framed out the exercise plan according to the lowered caloric intake and toxin cleanse period. Every exercise is accompanied by a supplementary instruction for proper execution.

The exercise section is also divided into five phases. Each phase has an exercise table with an instruction on how to execute each and every exercise.

Pros point of the Abs secret revealed by Lazar Angelov

  • The price charged for the book is pretty much cheap, when evaluated with the quality and content of the product. You only have to pay $ 29.99 for full and final. It’s not even half the price of other products such as this.
  • The program is flexible, you can set your own timetable and decide the day of your training which may suit your lifestyle better.
  • If you have any problem or question, then it has an unlimited email support for your lifetime.
  • In this program you don’t require a lot of equipment, it’s simple enough if you a set of dumbbell, Swiss ball, pull up bar and incline bench.
  • If you don’t like the product or doesn’t work for you, then you have 60 days money – back guarantee.
  • It contains  lots of motivation secrets to keep you motivated.
  • You can eat any food you want on a certain day.
Cons point of the Abs secret revealed by Lazar Angelov
  • To get the result, You will have to adhere to the plan framed by the author and comply with the guide for longer than a month. It takes time, hard work and energy to see the  results in this program.
  • Abs the secret revealed is only for a person who is ready to change their lifestyle or  eating habits as it gives an immensely important in dieting system.
  • The product is only E-book and no physical product will be conveyed to you.
  • There is no magical way or short -cut key taught in this book, you will have to invest your time and give a constant effort to get the effect.
What do you get when you buy ABS the secret revealed?
inside the membership area of abs the secret revealed

screenshot inside the membership area

  • You will get the password and username to access the membership area.
  • You will get the PDF e-book of the ABS the secret revealed program.
  • A special exercise routine to build your six packs.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • A bonus video set on how to execute the exercise


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