A Scottish kid eats the world hottest chili on Camera

A Scottish kid eats the world hottest chili pepper on Camera

A Nine-year-old YouTuber Pikachu the Pokemon decided to do something unique and dangerous to increase his Youtube subscribers  on camera, but it didn’t go so well for him.

Carolina Reaper Pepper  is currently ranked as the world  hottest pepper in the world by Guinness World Records.

At first, it didn’t look so dangerous. He chewed  and swallowed the chile pepper, you wouldn’t believe it! It just took him few second to consume the whole of it, but then he started to look awful  and terrified!

He drinks the whole milk but didn’t seem to  help him much.

I am pretty sure, he regrets it!

Watch till the end and see his reaction 🙂

It’s so funny to watch!

Don’t try this at home

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