8 Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Weight Loss Strategies That Really Work

The best weight loss strategies that work is the one that stands the test of time.

In this article, we share the weight loss tips to jump start and help you stay on track.

It is estimated that during holiday seasons, the average amount of weight gain is quite common. As it is the season of celebration and large gathering with loved ones and plenty of parties.  

During this time you can be constantly tempted to eat more but persistence is the key to success in losing weight.  

Making a miracle is a hard work; most people give up before it actually happened.

Sometimes even with the best strategies for weight loss, it takes times to start seeing results.  This can be highly frustrated and highly demotivating.

While expecting instant result is unrealistic. Many people do not pay attention to the little thing but a little thing can sometimes occupy the biggest parts in aiding their weight loss effort in major ways.

Making a little change can be a door to a different world of success.

Here are 8 Weight Loss Strategies That Work

1: Always keeping yourself hydrated

Always keeping yourself hydrated


It is obvious that by mere drinking water won’t help you lose weight.

However, if you follow strict diet advice or regimen along with drinking of adequate water can help you with your weight loss effort.

According to NBCI, water-induced thermogenesis, a process that stimulates the metabolism and increases the calorie burning process.

Interestingly, a recent study concluded that drinking at least 500 ml (16oz, a little more than 5 cups) of warm water (22 to 37 degree C) boosted the metabolic rate in study subject by 30 percent.


2: Not Skipping Breakfast

 Not Skipping Breakfast

A study revealed that skipping breakfast may link with weight gain because it slows down your metabolism rate. 

Your body requires energy to perform all its hidden function, over time skipping breakfast can actually slow down your body’s overall fat burning capability.

When you go without food and starve, your body releases Ghrelin, an appetizer hormone, primarily released by the stomach, signaling hunger to the brain.

This result hunger pangs and result in much crave for fatty foods.

Researchers found out that people who skipped breakfast are likely to end up eating higher calorie foods than who are not.

It shows that the breakfast skippers are less likely to resist high-calorie food such as pizza, cake chocolate, and junk food than who opted for an early morning meal.

3: Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

diet strategies for weight loss

If you are struggling with an ingrained habit of munching on high-calorie foods then try replacing them with fruits and vegetables.

Instead of reaching for a candy, cookies or chocolate, try to eat natural sweet fruits.

Fruits are not the same kind of sugar as found in candy or cookies etc.; its sweetness is actually good for you and effective for weight loss.

In the quest to lose weight, consumption of leafy green and fruits will significantly help with your weight loss goal. It is one of the effective weight loss strategies.

According to NCBI published in 2012, the person who eats more vegetables and fruits lost more weight and fat than the other group who does not.

Eating organic natural fruits and vegetables can promote weight loss.

Furthermore, it enhances blood circulation, boost immune system, and improve a digestive system.

Fruits such as strawberries, avocados, grapefruits, watermelons and kiwis endorse weight loss because of their nutritional profiles and their ability to keep you feels full longer period of time.

4: Cutting down the alcohol intake

Cutting down the alcohol intake

Alcohol is deeply embedded in our culture to have fun and let loose. However, it can hamper effort for weight loss. 

Alcohol is high in calories, especially the common beverages such as beer and cocktails.

It can promote fat and cause stomach bloating or bulging.

A study indicates that even moderate alcohol consumption increases caloric intake due to its appetite –enhancing effects.

We often hear beer belly or beer pot. It is self-explanatory, drinking beer enlarge the accumulation of fat in the midsection. 

5: Turning off the TV

According to British researcher Dr. Eric Robinson, University of Liverpool, people who eat while distracted tend to eat more than 25 percent more calories later in the day as a result.  

This happens because you are not paying attention to what you are eating but you are engrossed in a TV show. You will also be less likely to remember how much you’ve consumed.

Mindful eating and turning off TV during your meal could prevent you from overeating.

6: Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep

It doesn’t matter if you are following the exact equation of workout, healthy eating plan or the most effective weight loss plan. If you are not getting enough sleep then you will not see a good result in losing weight.

Lack of sleep is shown to lower Leptin (an appetite suppressing hormone produced by fat cells) and promote the ghrelin (Hunger hormone).  

It could drastically slow down the metabolism process which causes the body to use less energy for a simple task like breathing and eating.

This will increase your hunger and end up eating more calories than you need.  It considerably affects your weight loss.   

7: Getting on the Scale Everyday

Getting on the Scale Everyday

If you want to prevent new pounds or lose weight, getting on the scale and monitoring on your weight every day can help you with your weight loss effort.

It will enable you to reach your target weight much sooner.

Weighing yourself is a day to day feedback mechanism that can keep you informed about which approach (lifestyle and dietary) are helping you lose weight.

8: Cutting out fast food and sweets

Cutting out fast food and sweets

Although, getting rid of fast food and sweet from your diet may seem like a major challenge, it will help you to slash calories and lose weight.

Fast food and sweets are usually packed with lots of extra calories that a great potential to make you gain weight.

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of fast food for sure.  However, with a little effort, planning, and a little inspiration you can easily cut down the intake of fast food and sweets 

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