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ways of dealing with stress

5 ways of dealing with stress

Stress (of any nature) is unpleasant and it technically eats you alive.  It is like an unwelcomed yet inevitable intruder that intrudes in various phases of everybody’s life (you are not alone! Don’t worry). 

Stress can arise from problems and concerns of different wake of life such as family, friends, job, finance, relationship, work assignment, etc. Dealing with stressful thought is agonizing. 

While certain degree or form of stress can be a motivational and constructive force (in some cases) in combating the challenges in life, chronic and excessive stress can cause mental and physical deterioration.  

Nothing is more distressing than to let stress or anxiety take control over blissful sleep at night and the joy of light hearted laughter and ease movement of the day.  

If sleep refuses to come to you fearing the presence of formidable stress/tension in you and your gleeful smile of the day is replaced by perplexed and upset expression, you know that you are in the miserable phase you want to get over with.  But how helpless it is when you know that the ultimate desired solution to your stress is not easily available at hand.  

However, there are practical ways you can ‘self-doctor’ yourself or ways dealing with stress to combat stress and help you reduce stress.  Nobody can give you a ‘stress-cure’ medicine to heal your mental agony as stress is caused by endless different individual concerns or situation.

You identifying the nature of your stress and the finding ultimate desired solution yourself is the best strategies for dealing with stress.

But there are certainly general tips that can make your burden or tension lighter and eventually make you emerge victorious over your psychological rival ‘Stress’. Stress is inevitable, universal and natural, so what’s most important is how to deal with it positively.   

Subsequently this article will put down some practical and helpful tips as stress coping aids.

5 ways of dealing with stress

Learn to deal stress positively 

Remember that you’re your mental well being determines how you perceive the world around you. You see a happy world in your happy thoughts. You see a gloomy and bleak world in your sad and melancholic thought. The way how you cope with life’s circumstances is greatly determined by your ways of looking at things.  So cultivate the habit of looking on the brighter side of life no matter what.

Wise are the ones who are well versed with the unpredictability of life and know how to respond to and perceive any life’s circumstances in positive attitude.  When stressful thoughts (from variant reasons) invade your mind, it is when the battle between you and your thought has ensued and it’s your own approach that will play a pivotal role in coping with it. People are prone to stressful thoughts and even very trivial matter cause them stress if they have negative attitude. A positive attitude can help cope stress in healthier way.

Keep Social contact

 Stress, from wherever problem it arises, it is always helpful to talk to people (about it). It helps release some accumulated intensity of stress by discussing it or by getting emotional or practical support on how to deal with it. Staying alone behind the bolted door or crying helplessly into the pillow alone will only make your anxiety or stress feed on you.  

So talking to someone or keeping social connectivity will help you distract from your stressful thought.  Chill out with friends and family to some peaceful bucolic sites or beautiful refreshing places or take a nature walk to some pleasant scenery.  It will help you chill your mind and give you a sense of relive to your torturing mental agony.  Share your stress, never battle it alone.

Relaxation techniques 

5 ways of dealing with stress, meditation  There are many relaxation techniques for stress management. Meditation is an effective technique to quiten the mind and clear off the stressful thoughts. Exercise and yoga techniques are what many people practice to calm the tension.

Activities that required involvement induce you to sleep and sleep naturally revitalizes the body energy. Cultivating self- hypnosis method can help perceive a positive perception of reality.  For instance, phrases such as ‘All is well’, ‘My world is calm and serene’, etc can be self-hypnosis themes.  These techniques prepare ground for sound mind and body to combat stress in healthier way.

Do what you love

Let your mood by doing something you love. Finding delight in doing what you love is one natural way of minimizing stress. Let loose yourself in executing things that you enjoy doing it and the pleasure you get from doing it can ease your mind and distract your stressful thought.

When you are dealing with stress, be honest and have the courage to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as situation demands.  Be yourself and speak your mind and avoid circumstances that will aggravate your already agonizing stress.

Avoid intoxication

Taking alcohol or other intoxications to get temporary relieve from stress/ tension is one grave mistake many people make. While intoxication may help deal with stress in the short term, in the end of the day, it only gives more stress inducing outcome than stress relieving result.

If you are using alcohol to combat stress, you are on the wrong track. Eating healthy food is an important method of combating stress and tension. Remember, health matters the most. So love your body, keep it clean and feed it well. Healthy body projects a healthy thinking!


5 Ways of dealing with stress is contributed by Esther 



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