5 Most common sign of diabetes in children

The sign of diabetes in children

Seeking for signs of diabetes in children? It’s high time to wake up and smell the signs of diabetes in children! It can come as a shock when your kids are diagnosed with diabetes.

Nevertheless, It is not rare any longer that we hear about  children  with diabetes. Diabetes can occur in any age group.

And among the types, Type 1 diabetes is the most common one with children, as it is partly associated with genes. If parents are diabetic then children may have a higher risk of diabetes.

With modern types of food and lifestyle, it’s no longer bizarre for a child to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as the modern food comprises too much of sugar and carbohydrates.

The chief reason why people develop type 2 diabetes is when eating more carbs and taking less physical activity. Our body is not designed to handle the excess of carbs.

The imbalance of calorie intake and daily physically can result in  obese to your children, which is a green signal for diabetes.

When you consume an excess of carbs and perform less physical activities. Your pancreas produces more insulin, which later signalled the muscles to let the glucose in.

However, due to the lack of exercise, your muscles have blocked the way for glucose to come in and eventually the unused glucose is stored as fat, that gradually  gives a way to diabetes.

Diabetes is most likely to affect a kid with

  • Family history of diabetes
  • Obese: If your child is overweight then your kid is twice likely to get diabetes. Especially one who carries extra fat at the abdomen part.
  • Unhealthy consumption of food
  • Lack of physical activities
signs of diabetes in children

kids don’t necessarily understand about their health condition, it’s a parents obligation to make sure that their kids are in good health.

Many parents often ignored signs of diabetes in children until a child  is very ill. Since kids don’t necessarily understand about their health condition, it’s a parents  obligation to make sure that their kids are in good health and get a proper treatment instantly.

 Here are the 5 most common  sign of diabetes in children you should look for 

1: Frequent thirst and urination Most parents don’t pay much attention about thirst and urination on their children as it is common for those children that drink a lot of juice and water. Although, frequent urination is not always a serious problem it is also not quite normal either.  

When the blood glucose level rises, the fluid is pulled from their body tissues and as a result, your child  is experiencing an unquenchable thirst and more urination.

2: Hungry even after eating or drinking– Reason: Without enough insulin in your child’s body to move the glucose to the cells, your child muscles and organ become energy depleted and trick the body to trigger intense hunger.

3: Blurred Vision When your child’s body is filled with an excess of sugar, fluid may be pulled from your child eye lenses, which may cause a problem with your child’s eyes. Most of the children might not be aware of this problem as they don’t usually know what normal is.

4: Fatigue-Your children may feel constantly tired because the sugar in the blood stream cannot turn it into energy that the muscles and organ can utilize.

5: Unusual weight loss– In spite of eating and more than usual to satisfied hunger, unbelievably your child may begin to lose weight. Without the proper supplies of insulin, the muscle tissues, and fat stores will shrink and may experience weight loss.

These are the early signs of diabetes in children. If any sign above is detected, then get your kid tested on that day as delayed or undiagnosed diabetes can cause a serious problem in your kid’s life.

Take concerned about your child’s health and consult with your child’s pediatrician and get a sugar blood test.

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