3 Easy Step To Relax Your Hip Flexors

Hip Flexors

The hip flexor is a muscle which helps to lift your knees and bend at the waist. These muscles are found  deep inside the abdominal cavity and they are known to be the strongest in the body.  

You put a great deal of weight on your hip flexors when you kick or sprint. That is the reason why many athletes, particularly runners, soccer player and martial artists are especially inclined to hip flexor injuries that result in hip flexor pain.

The Hip flexors pain is generally felt in the upper groin region, where the thigh meets the pelvis. To keep away from hip flexor pain, you should give more careful  consideration to these muscles.

The best way to minimize strain on the muscles around the hip and keep away from hip flexor pain is “always make sure to do a hip flexor stretch appropriately before doing any sorts of working out even walking“. It is better, to stretch muscles gradually and hold the position rather than to hurry through the stretches too quickly. A simple hip flexor stretches can help you prevent the hip flexor pain.

Whether you are an athlete or one who sits in a chair all day, you all need to stretch our hip flexors if you want to prevent a pain on your backs and legs.

There are many advantages of having flexible hip flexors, it will give you a better booty, and strong hip flexors will help you achieve better result for many abdominal exercises.   

 3 Easy steps to Relax Your Hip flexor 

Glute stretch:  Seated

Step 1

The hip flexor stretches

 Sit on the floor, straightening your left leg and cross your right leg over it.

Step 2

flexible hip flexors

 Put both of your hands on your right knee and pull toward your chest as you sit upright and into the stretch. You will feel this stretch in your right hip and glute muscles.  

Step 3

flexible hip

 To expand the stretch, put your left elbow on the outside of your right knee furthermore, and twist to the right looking as far back as possible. Keep on sitting upright through the turn. Place your shoulders far from your ears by pulling them down and back through this twist

Note: Try to keep your knee toward your check at different angles to extend specific muscle fibers. For instance, change the angle of pull and toward your left shoulder. Next, try pulling down and over your body.  Find out the stretch position which works best for you.

Breath: Try holding this stretch for 3 deep breaths and relax into each exhale, while releasing tension and stretching a little further.

Reverse: Reverse and stretch the opposite side.

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