14 Foods And Plants That Are Helpful For Diabetes Patients

Foods And Plants That Are Helpful For Diabetes Patients

A diabetic patient needs to know well about the items of food and its quantity that they should take every  day. Like a  normal and healthy person, he should also take a nutritious and balanced diet. The quantity of the diet constituents of fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc. and the functional distribution of different meals should be maintained well for healthy life.

14 Foods And Plants That Are Helpful For Diabetes Patients-

1: KARELA: Karela, which is known as bitter gourd and methi plants are the best known used plants for diabetes. Drinking a half cup of karela juice twice a day in the morning and evening helps in alleviating blood sugar level.

2: GRIND SEEDS: The grind seeds of about 2 spoonful’s taken twice a day with water or milk at meal times proves in reducing the blood sugar level.

3: LEMON: The intake juice of one big lemon, taken twice a day just after your meal also helps in reducing blood sugar level.

4: GOOSEBERRY: The consumption of 4 to 5 fruits a day or one teaspoonful of gooseberry dried powder in half glass of water taken daily is also found to be effective.

5: FIG TREE: The water boiled with barks or roots extract of fig tree may be used for drinking purposes helps in reducing the blood sugar level.

6: LOTUS PLANT: The young leaves of lotus plants which are popularly used or the dried powder of the young leaves of lotus above the water surface which is used as tea are also useful for diabetes.

7: GARLIC: Garlic helps in regulating the blood sugar level and increase the amount of insulin in our body. The best way to consumed garlic is by crushing two medium size pods and eat this paste on an empty stomach, you can swallow it with a glass of water if you find it very pungent.

8: BLACKBERRIES: Blackberry or popularly known as black plum serve as welcoming foods for patients with high blood sugar level. But these fruits being seasonal it is not very common among the people, the intake of these fruits helps in improving the health conditions for a sugar disorders patients.  A teaspoonful of berry seed powder a day helps to keep the sugar under control.

9: SOYBEAN: Soy being a healthy, low- fat of protein, and cholesterol-free helps to control the patients to lower its bad cholesterol. People with diabetes are at high risk of heart and kidney diseases and so the intake of soy foods helps to protect the kidney and heart.

10: NEEM LEAVES: Consumption of 4 to 5 leaves of neem early in the morning with an empty stomach is very much helpful in controlling diabetes.    

11: DIVYA MADHUNASHINI VATI: It is a creeper found in the southern parts of India, it has been used as herbal medicine for various sickness ailments such as to treat eye, heart and kidneys problems.

It also helps in achieving better control over excess blood sugar levels, so the intake of Madhunashini herbal medicine will regulate you to live a long and healthy life. This Ayurvedic strengthens the immune system and increases hope for diabetes patients and for other various diseases.

12: GUAVA PLANTS: Dry the guava leaves and crushed the leaves in hot water to steep out the healthy contents. Drink a cup of tea in order to reduce blood sugar level.

13: POMEGRANATE: Pomegranate fruits have been widely consumed for curing diabetes, daily intake of these fruits helps to reduce the blood sugar level and increase the function of beta cells in the pancreas.

14: LADY FINGER: Lady’s finger is a simple tip to control diabetes. Take two to three lady finger, cut them from the centre n soaked it overnight in a glass full of water, drink the soaked water in the morning before breakfast these will help to reduce the blood sugar level, continue these process every day to keep yourself healthy.

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