10 Ways To Deal With Death Of a Loved One

ays To Deal With Death Of A Loved One

Life’s promises are the most unpredictable thing on earth.  Sometimes life blesses you with a clear blue sky with beautiful sunshine in the morning only to let you experience the dark terrifying storms in the afternoon.  But that’s the reality of life.

 Life’s tragedies happen to everyone but the meaning of ‘tragedy’ differs according to an individual on how different people look at life and define their own perception of reality. 

Having to bear the loss of loved ones is the most unacceptable and unbearable tragedy in life.  You cry helplessly every single day until you doze off on your old couch, exhausted.  You feel embittered, angry with the arbitrary supernatural power or with the incomprehensible truth of life.

Sometimes you senselessly get mad at the person for dying as if his/her death is within their control.  Your familiar environment turned cold and forlorn.  Your heart turned cold and frozen. You turned cynical and unfeeling. Your world changed. How you wish you could do anything at all in the world to bring that person back who you feel has not called you in thousand years.

You may never get back your old happy world you had with him or her, the gap in your heart may never get filled. The only choice you are left with is to accept that he is gone and learn to live a new life without him. You have to find ways to help you cope with tragedy positively and move on!

Here are some tips that will help you strengthen your emotional resilience and help deal with a death of a lone one.

10 Ways To Deal With a Death In The Family

1: When you feel you are weighed down by your bearable misfortune, always remember that you are not alone who is dealing with death. Everybody out there is struggling with the insufferable heart act like you. The truth is, your love one left, but you did not. So gear up yourself, brace your emotion and heart with the strength to move out.

2: Whenever you miss him so much, the only choice you could do is cry. Don’t let the thought of him always overwhelmed you. But when you feel like crying, don’t hold back your tears. Let it out, just cry out to your heart’s content. Sometimes crying gives you a sense of relief to your overwhelming pain and gives a whiff of satisfaction.  People may tell you that crying only makes you suffer, they may console that crying over things that you have no control of only punishes your health, but I’m telling you, it at least, is the last and the only resort you could do to content your emotional yearning and comply with the cry of your heart and give you a little sense of feeling better.

3: Do things to keep your mind diverted from his thought. Keep yourself busy with things you love to do. You should always keep your mind engaged with some pleasing thoughts. Don’t let your depression keep you lost.  Always have people around you. Meet people and connect with people. Never stay estranged and alone.

4: Express your feeling or maybe write it down, writing or letting out your thought give you solace. The heart you want to pour out is to your lost love one so say it out as if he listens. Expressing your heart out is the only proxy of communicating with your lost loved one. People may criticize you for being weak and pessimistic; some may sympathize your plight and share your condolence. But remember, your primary concerns, for now, is to do the least available options to make you feel better.

5: Go out and live like other people. Have fun with them, do things that make you happy. Don’t let your traumatic experience stop you from doing things to want to do. In any case, you have to live (you may never get used to living without him) but get used to a new life that will help you move on.

6: Do some good things in remembrance of him. Doing some humanitarian activities in the name of your lost loved one lost is worth it.

7: Console yourself that your loved one is happy in a safer and better place free from all the cares and pain of this world. To know that he is very happy, in safe haven should be able to give you a smile in the midst of your tears.

8: Cherish the moments you had with him. Be grateful that you chanced to meet that wonderful person in this life and you are happy having him once then not have him at all.

9: Take a leap of faith and believe that you will meet him someday in the life after this. The dead cannot come to the living but we are going to them one day ( if you happen you be a Christian reader, always remember that you will meet him at God’s kingdom never to be separated again. It’s true!). Keep your faith and prayer intact in God. Let God work his give you his comfort.

10: Sometimes, it’s okay to escape to a temporary illusionary world of your own imagination when the reality is too harsh and unbearable to face in your sober mind.  But don’t drift away your life in a dream world for too long. You have to wake up and live the reality as sober you. 

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